Assets of Community Value​

Community right to bid

Following the Localism Act 2011 statutory provisions came into effect in 2012. The purpose of the legislation was to allows defined community groups, including Parish Councils, to ask the council to list assets of “Community Value”. In the event that the asset is listed and comes up for sale the legislation allows the community group 6 months to put together a bid to purchase. There is no obligation on the owner to sell to the community group.

Assets of Community Value

Date application received

Asset nominated

Community nominee

Reason for listing

Date of decision of Council

Notice from owner to dispose (S95(2)) date received

Interim moratorium end date (6 weeks)

Full moratorium triggered Yes/No End Date (6 months)

Date of expiry of listing

19/09/2020 Olympus Theatre Barton Street Olympus Arts To protect its heritage status and long term continuing role as an active  focal point for the community 05/11/2020       04/11/2025

For a list of unsuccessful community nominations download our document (PDF, 295 KB) ​​.​​

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