Saintbridge Balancing Pond & Allotments

Saintbridge Balancing Pond and Allotments

Saintbridge balancing pond consists of a wet balancing pond and a 'dry pond' overflow flood storage area, covering 9 hectares in total. The wet pond serves both as a large flood storage structure and a well-loved wildlife and amenity area for local residents.

  • Green flag award site
  • Large balancing pond, Sud Brook and River Twyver
  • Surfaced footpath network
  • Wildlife and ducks
  • Informal rugby goal
  • Friends of Saintbridge Pond
  • Grassed dry balancing pond area for informal play
  • Adjoining large allotment site
  • Pedestrian access from Hawthorne Avenue, Cheyney Close and Curlew Road
  • Bus routes 1, 13, 805 and 831 run along Painswick Road

Walking the dog, feeding the ducks and swans, or going for a jog along the path network around the pond is a great pastime. The Friends of Saintbridge Pond (FOSP) assist in maintaining the pond and the Environment Agency keep the trash screens free of debris that travels down the River Twyver Relief Channel and Sud Brook that both feed into the main pond.

The largest allotments site in the city is located next to the balancing pond. The allotments are predominantly maintained by the Saintbridge Allotments & Gardens Association (SAGA) and there is a communal meeting area located on the allotments.

A single set of Rugby World Cup 2015 posts are installed in the open space, to celebrate Gloucester being a host city for the Rugby World Cup in 2015.​