Book a Pest Control Visit

We can treat rats, mice, fleas and wasps.

We cannot treat bees, if you suspect you have honeybees and they are causing you problems then we would recommend you use a swarm collector from the British Bee Keepers Association.


If you feed the birds in your garden we recommend you stop for 2 weeks to see if this stops the problem before booking a visit. 

Book a visit 

Our pest control contractor Falconry Services will contact you within 2 working days of receiving the request to make an appointment.

Appointments are usually on a Tuesday.

You will need your debit or credit card to book

Book visit

Alternatively, please phone 01452 396 396 to make your booking.

How much it costs 

Residential properties

Visit cost

Rats Mice Fleas Wasps
Visit 1
£50 £50 £57 £49
Visit 1
(if on benefits)
£25 £25 £28.50 £24.50
Visit 2 
(within 1 month)
£25 £25 £28.50 N/A
Visit 2 (if on benefits and
within 1 month)
£12.50 £12.50 £14.25 N/A

Reduced costs if you are on benefits

If you get Council Tax Support or Housing Benefit you'll get a discount. You'll need to provide your benefit reference number when you book. 

Important - you could be investigated if you deliberately give us untrue information to get a discount. 

Business premises

For large premises a free survey and quotation will be required.

Visit type Rats Mice Fleas Wasps
Visit 1 £57 £57 £68.50 £49
Visit 2 (within 1 month) £29.50 £29.50 £31.50 N/A

All prices for business premises are excluding VAT. 

Cancellations or refunds

You need to contact us before 12pm on the working day before your appointment to cancel your visit. 

Phone: 01452 396 396


If our pest control contractor Falconry Services visits to treat and cannot gain access to the property or premises we will not give you a refund. 

If the pest is not identified as rats, mice, fleas or wasps we may not be able to treat but the fee will still apply.