Report Overgrown Weeds in Public Spaces

What you need to know

We have a statutory duty to protect and enhance biodiversity in Gloucester City to improve the quality of life for both residents and wildlife. For more information see our Gloucester Urban Greening Project.

To help protect and restore biodiversity for selected areas we have introduced a more sensitive regime for weed spraying. On these sites we may weed spray less frequently to allow plants to flower and seed providing a food source for insects and other wildlife. 

We aim to weed spray in parks and public open spaces between the beginning of April to the end of September. See our weed spraying programme and herbicide policy for more information.


How to make a report

Important: We do not respond to individual requests for weed spraying but do use the information you provide to monitor our service


Report overgrown weeds


Other ways to make a report

If you cannot make a report online, please phone us on 01452 396 396