Rough Sleeper Action Plan

Gloucester City Council has agreed a Rough Sleeper Action Plan for 2019-24. The proposed vision is to mirror that of central government in seeking to minimise rough sleeping with immediate effect and fulfil the ambition that nobody will need to sleep rough by 2027.

One of the prevention commitments from the Government is that they'll work with the Local Government Association and local authorities, so that by winter 2019; all local authorities update their strategies and re-badge them as homelessness and rough sleeping strategies and they are made available online and submitted to MHCLG and report progress and publish annual action plans.

Gloucester City Council currently have a Housing and Homelessness Strategy 2015-20 and are in the process of reviewing and updating the strategy this will include incorporating the Rough Sleeping Strategy, therefore as interim measure we've produced a Rough Sleeping Action Plan stating our actions, targets, and who is leading on the actions and the partner agencies supporting us in the delivery of them.

Rough Sleeper Action Plan 2019-24 (PDF, 171.4 KB)