Common Food Complaints

Discovering a foreign object in food or other problems with food can be a very unpleasant experience.  However, not all pose a​ serious health risk. Here are some common food complaints together with a short explanation and suggestions for the best course of action.

Common Food Complaints Document​​ (PDF, 504.4 KB)

The information provided in this document is intended as a self-help guide for residents and local businesses to help you to solve common issues that occur routinely in items of food.  The aim of this guide is save time so that our food safety officers can concentrate on more serious issues that pose a potential risk to public health

If you are unable to resolve the problem that you have by reading our self-help guide please contact us. You can complain to us about food you have purchased, hygiene standards in a food premises and food poisoning.  We will only deal with complaints where there is a potential public health risk.

We can only investigate complaints about hygiene standards in food businesses and food purchased from businesses that are based in the City of Gloucester.