Apply for a Change of Vehicle Licence

Use this service to apply for a change of vehicle licence for a hackney carriage or private hire vehicle.


All vehicles must 

  • 5 years old or less from date of first registration
  • have 4 doors
  • seat up to 8 passengers
  • meet size and vehicle requirements, see our conditions, rules and policies relating to Private Hire (DOC, 250 KB) and Hackney Carriage (DOC, 275 KB) licensing
  • carry first aid kit and fire extinguisher
  • display ‘No Smoking’ stickers
  • meet Euro 6 emission standards, this information is on the V5 registration document
  • display their associated licence plates, the plates show the licence number, the vehicle details and the expiry date of the licence
  • charge according to the fare showing on the taximeter. The tariff is regulated by us Current tariff  (PDF, 177 KB)
  • be licensed for 12 months at a time
  • have an annual inspection at our approved testing station. Current list of approved testing stations (PDF, 221.6 KB)



Only vehicles meeting the city councils conditions will be licensed for hackney carriage or private hire use. These conditions include age, size, standards of comfort and ease of accessibility.

The range of vehicles includes saloons, estates, multi purpose vehicles as well as purpose built and wheelchair accessible. 

Grandfather rights

Some licences have grandfather rights, this allows a driver to plate a non wheelchair accessible vehicle. 

Existing licensed hackney carriage vehicles can be transferred to a new proprietor and that licence can continue to be issued to saloon, estate type vehicles.

Hackney carriage vehicles

  • must be white
  • must display Gloucester City taxi roof sign
  • must display blue licence plates in the window and on the rear of the car
  • must have a meter that must be checked at an approved testing station and display current tariff card in vehicle
  • can use the Gloucester taxi ranks and be hailed in the street
  • can also be pre-booked

Private hire vehicles

  • can be any colour except white
  • must display yellow bus lane sticker
  • must display stickers indicating that passengers will not be insured if the journey is not pre-booked through the operator
  • must display yellow licence plates in the window and on the front and rear of the vehicle
    can only take fares that are pre-booked through a licensed Gloucester private hire operator (summoned to collect passengers)
  • must not use taxi ranks or use a roof sign

The important difference between the two types of licensed vehicles is that hackney carriages (taxi’s) may be flagged down, may use taxi ranks and may be pre-booked. Private hire vehicles, however, must be pre-booked or the journey will not be insured. 


Inspections and Insurance

We may check your vehicle to make sure:

  • it’s roadworthy
  • it’s comfortable and clean
  • the doors are safe and secure

You’ll also need insurance that:

  • covers you for hire and reward
  • includes you as the named driver


How to apply

Please read the conditions, rules and guidance before you apply, as different conditions apply to hackney carriage and private hire vehicles.

Hackney carriage rule book (DOC, 275 KB)

Private hire rule book (DOC, 250 KB)

Vehicle Privacy Statement (PDF, 86 KB)

Application form

It costs £68 to apply. You can pay by debit or credit card.

You’ll usually get a decision within 14 days, but it can take longer.


How to plate a like for like vehicle on temporary basis 

If you are a hire company or individual wanting to plate a like for like vehicle on a temporary basis for example, a vehicle is more than 5 years old please contact us.


How to plate a new vehicle on temporary basis 

If you are a hire company or an individual wanting to plate a new vehicle on a temporary basis please use our apply for a new vehicle licence process. 


You'll need to provide

  • proof of ownership
  • V5 registration document or new keepers supplement if the vehicle has recently been purchased
  • MOT certificate (not required if the vehicle is less than one year old)
  • vehicle inspection certificate
  • meter inspection certificate if the vehicle has a meter installed
  • insurance certificate

If you have a fleet insurance policy you'll also need to include:

  • insurance certificate and a schedule of vehicles