Terms and Conditions

Standard Conditions of Use

The following terms and conditions will apply:

  1. the disabled badge holder must be present when the concession is being used
  2. if the vehicle is parked in a disabled bay, a valid Blue Badge and parking clock, set to the time of arrival, must be clearly displayed
  3. parking services must be advised immediately in writing or by email if any changes are made to either your Blue Badge or the registered vehicle
  4. car park customers will be advised in the event of the process or terms and conditions of use being changed
  5. your registration and chip validation will expire the same date as your Blue Badge
  6. the system will permit the registered vehicle to enter and exit car parks free of charge without the need to take a ticket or attend the pay stations

Please note that many of our car parks still operate under Pay and Display. Your car may be parked in these car parks in line with the current parking policy, providing your badge is correctly displayed in the vehicle.


Penalty Charge Notices

A Penalty Charge Notice may be issued in the following circumstances:

  • if the Blue Badge displayed is out of date
  • if the issue details on a Blue Badge cannot be verified from outside the vehicle
  • if it appears that the Blue Badge is being misused. This could result in free parking being removed and details of the Blue Badge being passed to the issuing authority
  • if the vehicle is parked in breach of regulations that apply to the car park, as detailed on the notice board