5 Year Money Plan

Five Year Money Plan

The Council Five Year Money Plan provides the framework within which revenue and capital spending decisions can be made over the medium term. It is reviewed and updated on an annual basis to take into account any alterations that may be required as a result of the changed circumstances.

The plan provides a framework within which to make revision to the current year budget 2023/24 and sets out target budget savings for 2023/2028. This has been completed through a process of budget consultation and committee approval​.

Approval of the Five Year Money Plan was delivered through SMT, Cabinet and Council. Final approval by council was completed on the 23 February 2023.

The documents presented at 23 February 2023​ were as follows;

Money Plan 2023-28 Budget Report

Appendix 1-4 Money Plan - Budget Pressures and Efficiencies - Budget Savings - Forecast Capital Programme and Financing

​Appendix 7 - Budget Consultation 

 The minutes from the council meeting can be viewed via the following link:

23rd February 2023 Council meeting minutes and documents​