Money and Debt advice

I’m having difficulties making payments, who can help me?

There are a number of things we can do to support you with your Council Tax bill.

Change your payments

  • Spread your instalments over the full year or change your monthly payment plan to a weekly payment plan. You can do this through a My Gloucester account , you will need to sign in or sign up.
  • Change the date you pay on that ties in with when you get paid. Choose from the 1st, 15th, 22nd & 28th of the month if you pay by direct debit. Setup a direct debit through a My Gloucester account , you will need to sign up or sign in.

Special Arrangements

Can I setup a special payment arrangement?

A special payment arrangement can be setup online through a My Gloucester account providing:

  • You have received a reminder, second reminder or final notice.
  • You have not been sent a summons notice for the outstanding balance.
  • The proposed arrangement will not extend beyond 31 March.

How will I know the Council has accepted my offer of payment?

If your offer is accepted, you will receive a revised bill confirming the amounts and dates for payment to be made.  If your offer of payment is unacceptable the Council will notify you in writing or by email.

Will my special arrangement direct debit be used for future years?

Direct Debit bank details held for a special payment arrangement will not be used automatically for future years charges.  If you would like to pay next year’s council tax by Direct Debit you can tell us online through a My Gloucester account by completing the Change payment method or bank details form.

Discounts, exemptions and disabled reduction

Council Tax does not apply to some properties and in some cases a discount or reduction can be awarded. Check to see the types of discounts or exemptions that you may be eligible for.

Low income - check if you can receive a reduction or benefit

You can apply for Council Tax Support with the council if you are on a low income. This discount is means-tested, this means we look at the household income and any savings you have, and the people living in your home.

Check to see what other benefits you could be entitled to using the benefits calculator

Cost of Living

Many households are currently struggling with rising living costs. See what other help and support is available at Cost of Living

Debt advice

If you are having a problem with debt, you can find free impartial help through the government-backed MoneyHelper service.

Local organisations that can offer advice:

Citizens Advice Bureau – Gloucester
Gloucester Law Centre
GL Communities

What if I don’t pay?

Council Tax is due on 1st April each year, but payments are spread over the year to make it easier to pay.

This is the legal process we follow if you don’t pay your Council Tax.

Council Tax is a priority debt, so if you’re struggling to pay you should contact us as soon as possible.