Text Messages, Emails and Phone Contact

We are using a messaging service to contact our customers.

In June 2023, we will be contacting customers by text and email who have a property which is registered as 'empty and unoccupied' on council tax records.  If the property is occupied it is important that the council are made aware of this, otherwise an additional premium may be charged. You can amend the account online at My Gloucester or email the council tax team at revenues@gloucester.gov.uk - please remember to include your ten digit council tax account number which begins with 03 in the subject line of the email.

Please see below for details of how a text and email from the council will look.

If your Council Tax account falls into arrears we may contact you using a text message, email reminder and/or a telephone contact reminder before taking further recovery action.

This service can prevent statutory recovery notices being issued and may help you avoid paying expensive costs.

Whilst this service is offered to prevent customers from falling further into arrears, it should not be relied upon.

It is your responsibility to maintain the instalments due on your account in line with your bill. Failure to do so may result in recovery action being taken.


How will the Council Tax team contact customers?

We may contact you using one or more of the following:

  • text message and verification screen
  • email
  • automated phone call / voicemail message if no answer


I have been contacted - how do I know if this is genuine or not?

Text Message Example

The text message will provide a link which takes you to the verification screen

Verification screen example

If you click the link, you will be asked to verify your postcode

Once the account postcode is verified the text will be displayed as follows:


You will be sent an email from Gloucester City Council with a subject line - reminder - do not ignore

Phone calls

Will be automated and will be personalised with your name and your council tax account number.


If you are still concerned

If you receive a text message or an email about your Council Tax arrears but are not sure it is genuine, please email the council tax department on revenues@gloucester.gov.uk quoting your ten digit account reference number beginning with 03 in the subject line.

Alternatively, you can manage your own council tax account, set up direct debits, set up a payment arrangement or request copy bills online at My Gloucester.