Heritage Assets

For two thousand years the City of Gloucester has had a unique place in British history. Every age has left its mark. With such an extraordinary wealth of heritage sites to see and experience, it’s hard to choose, but here are some gems that no one should miss:

Gloucester Cathedral

One of the most beautiful of all English cathedrals and home to the tomb of King Edward II.

Blackfriars Gloucester

This 13th century Dominican friary is the best preserved in Britain, famous for its remarkable medieval library building.

Museum of Gloucester

This is the place to get face to face with stunning finds from Gloucester’s Roman and medieval past and explore the lives of the people who made the city so important.

Gloucester Life Museum

Tudor timber-framed buildings give a unique atmosphere in which to explore the museum’s many historic treasures.

Gloucester Docks

The furthest inland port in Britain, here magnificent Victorian and Georgian warehouses line the water’s edge.

St Oswald’s Priory

Once so opulent it was named `The Golden Minister’, this majestic ruin is an inspirational testament to its Saxon and medieval builders.