What does devolution mean?

Devolution is the statutory granting of powers from central government to a subnational level such as a regionallocal, or state level.  It is a form ​of decentralisation. Devolved areas have the power to make legislation/policies relevant to their area.

Devolution essentially means the transfer of powers from the UK parliament in London to local Counties/Districts.

We are Gloucestershire: Devolution agreement

The Gloucestershire Devolution Agreement has been jointly put together by the six district councils, The County Council, Gloucestershire Constabulary, The Office of the Police & Crime Commissioner, the NHS Clinical Commissioning group and the Local Economic Partnership (LEP).  The agreement will help to deliver more joined up services and increase resources available across a range of strategic priorities.

The proposals in the Devolution Agreement represent devolution of powers and responsibilities to Gloucestershire. These are designed to drive economic growth and change public services to the benefit of people who live and work in Gloucestershire.

Local communities will benefit through services designed and delivered with a clear Gloucestershire focus with the accountability and collective ownership set out in the Devolution Agreement.

We will be working closely with partners to deliver significant economic growth, with enhanced business support, greater access to employment and training opportunities together with an enhance Health & Wellbeing Strategy where we will work with individuals, carers and local communities to transform the care and support we provide.  We will accelerate delivery of homes and infrastructure through a District Housing Strategy and Local Plans and make communities feel safer by introducing a Police and Crime plan.

This is the first stage of a longer journey towards delivering the full case for Gloucestershire. To keep up to date with what's happening a Devolution joint website has been developed where all documents and information will be posted​