Report a Problem with a Public Toilet

Use this service to report:

  • a damaged public toilet
  • an unclean public toilet

Report a damaged or unclean public toilet 


What you need to know

We are responsible for the maintenance of the Westgate car park, Southgate car park, Gloucester park and Robinswood hill public toilets. 

What happens next

  • We aim to clean the toilets within 1 working day 
  • We aim to repair toilets within 7 working days


The Gloucester community toilets scheme

The Gloucester Community Toilet Scheme provides members of the public with clean, safe and accessible toilets in convenient locations across the city.

Participating businesses have agreed to let members of the public use their toilet facilities during normal working hours without the need to make a purchase.

If you see a community toilet scheme sign, then you can use these toilets.

Contact someone at that venue if there's a problem with the facilities.