Deep Cleans

Deep cleaning schedule July 2023 - December 2024

Deep cleaning takes place in parts of the city where regular street cleaning is difficult to do, for instance because of parked cars. Signage is put up ahead of the clean taking place and residents are informed. Gloucestershire Highways also take part to allow gully cleaning to take place.

Moreland 10 July 23
Balfour Road
Linden Road (Seymour to Stanley Rd)
Bloomfield Terrace
Bloomfield Road (Balfour to Churchill Rd)
Dorney Road
Lannett Road
Stanley Road
King Edwards Avenue - (Linden to Dorney Rd)

Kingsholm and Wotton 8 August 23
Alvin Street
Sweetbriar Street
Swan Road
Guinea Street
Worcester Parade
Union Street

City Centre 5 September 23
Commercial Road
Ladybellegate Street
Barbican Road
Barrack Square
Quay Street
Lower Quay Street
Longsmith Street
Upper Quay Street
Bull Lane
Cross Keys Lane

Barton and Tredworth 9 October 23
High Street (Dynevor to Morpeth St)
Dynevor Street
Carmarthan Street

Llandilo Street
The Laurels
Percy Street
Albany Street

Moreland 6 November 23
The Oval
Milo Place
Henley Place
Raikes Road
Bowley Road
Wilton Road-

Barton and Tredworth 4 December 23
Upton Street
Vicarage Road
Adelaide Street
Moor Street
Hatherley Road (Adelaide to Barton St)
Massey Road

Kingsholm and Wotton 9 January 24

Oxford Street
Oxford Road
Henry Road
Henry Street
Honyatt Road
Heathville Road (London Rd to
Denmark Rd)
Alexandra Road
Hillfield Court Road

City Centre 9 February 24

Southgate Street
Spa Road
Brunswick Road (Spa Rd to Park Rd)
Norfolk Street
Albion Street
Old Tram Road
Brunswick Square

Barton and Tredworth 11 March 24

Charles Street
Widden Street
Sinope Street
Napier Street
Millbrook Street

Raglan StreetĀ 
Old Row
Vauxhall Terrace

Moreland 8 AprilĀ 24
Calton Road
Tweenbrook Avenue
Linden Road (Stroud to Stanley Rd)
Roseberry Avenue
Ladysmith Road
Kitchener Avenue
Lewisham Road

Kingsholm and Wotton 14 May 24
Lansdown Road
Denmark Road (Heathville Rd to
Kingsholm Rd)
Malvern Road
North Road
Seabroke Road
Hampton Court
Heathville Road (Denmark Rd
to Lansdown Rd)
Hinton Road
Barton and Tredworth 3 June 24
Derby Road
Jersey Road
Magdala Road
Hethersett Road
Colwell School Close

City Centre 9 July 24

Brunswick Road (Park Rd to
Eastgate St)
St Michael Square
Parliament Street
Chillingworth Mews

Moreland 12 August 24

Wheatstone Road
Barnaby Close
Huxley Road
Dorrit Close
Osric Road
St Aldwyn Road
Nelson Street

Kingsholm and Wotton 3 September 24

London Road
Oxford Terrace
Wellington Parade
Hyde Lane
Newland Street
Claremount Road

Barton and Tredworth 7 October 24
Ryecroft Street
Falkner Street (Grove St to Conduit St)
Regent Street (Grove St to Conduit St)
Grove Street
Brook Street (Conduit St to Dainty St)
Dainty Street
Daventry Terrace
High Street (Dynevor St to Upton St)

City Centre 5 November 24
Park Road
Cromwell Street
Wellington Street
Arthur Street
Kings Barton Street
Hampden Way
Belgrave Road

Moreland 2 December 24
Hartland Road
Parry Road
Bathurst Road
Clevedon Road
Highworth Road