Report a Problem with a Litter or Dog Bin

Use this service to report a damaged or overflowing:

  • dog bin
  • litter bin
  • dual use bin (litter and dog waste)

Report a litter or dog bin


What you need to know

You can now use any litter bin to dispose of your litter or bagged dog waste. We call these dual use bins.

All our bins are emptied regularly, some are emptied daily, while the majority are emptied once a week.


What happens next

  • we aim to empty overflowing litter or dog bins the same day if reported before 1pm on a working day
  • we repair or replace damaged litter or dog bins within 20 working days. If the damage is dangerous, we will make the situation safe within 1 working day


Other ways to make a report

If you cannot make a report online, please phone us on 01452 396 396