Report an Animal Activity Business

Use this service :

  • if you are concerned about how a business is being run
  • to report someone you think is running a business without a licence 

You can access our public register to see a list of animal activity licence holders.

Give as much information as you can about the person you're reporting. This could include: 

  • their name
  • the business name
  • the address where the activity takes place
  • details of the business
  • details of your experience with the business
  • why you think they are operating without a licence


What happens after you report someone?

We'll look at the information to see if the case is appropriate for investigation by our team.

If we do investigate, you may need to give a formal written statement. You may also need to make a declaration to support the council as a witness.

Your personal details will be confidential unless the investigation becomes a legal matter.