Gambling Permits

Permits are issued to premises that either offer gambling for very low stakes and prizes or premises whose primary function is not the provision of gambling facilities.

We are responsible for issuing gambling permits for the following:

  • Alcohol-licensed premises (gaming machine permits).
  • Unlicensed family entertainment centres (gaming machine permits).
  • Prize gaming.
  • Clubs (club gaming permits and club machine permits).

For more information on each type of permit, visit the Gambling Commission website.

There are key differences between a Permit and a Premises Licence. These are:

  • Permit applicants/holders do not need an Operating Licence from the Gambling Commission.
  • There are no responsible authorities or interested parties in relation to the application.
  • The Licensing Authority (City Council) can only grant or reject permit applications. Conditions cannot be added.
  • Permits are of limited duration apart from those issued to alcohol licensed premises.


How to apply

Submit your application together with the appropriate fee to the licensing unit. Application forms are in the relevant sections below.

The Licensing Authority (City Council) can issue the following types of Permit:-

Alcohol Licensed Premises Gaming Machine Permits

All premises that are licensed for the 'on sale' of alcohol under the Licensing Act 2003 may provide Gaming Machines with the exception of those premises who are restricted to selling alcohol only with food.

There is an automatic entitlement to provide up to two category C or D machines but to take advantage of this, the Premises Licence Holder must notify the Licensing Authority of his/her intention to make such a provision and must pay the prescribed fee.

If you wish to have more than this entitlement you must apply for a Permit. The Licensing Authority (City Council) may issue a Permit for any number of category C or D machines but the Permit will replace the automatic entitlement and will not be in addition to it.

You must apply for a licensed premise gaming machine permit if you would like to have more than two machines, two months before your existing permit is due to expire.

Click here for the Notification form/Application form for gaming machine permit with guidance notes. (PDF, 169.7 KB)

Club gaming permits and club machine permits

There are three types of 'Club' recognised under the Gambling Act

  • Members Clubs - these are clubs of at least 25 members which have been established for purposes other than for gambling. These include British Legion, working men's clubs, sports clubs, political party clubs etc.
  • Commercial Clubs - these are members clubs which have been established with a view to making a profit such as snooker clubs.
  • Minder's Welfare Institution - there are none in Gloucester

Club Gaming Permits may be issued to all but commercial clubs. The Permit authorises the provision of gaming machines, equal chance gaming and games of chance as prescribed in the Regulations. The Permit allows clubs to provide up to three machines for categories B4, C or D plus equal chance prize gaming. NB: three machines is the total number of machines NOT three from each category!

A Club Gaming Machine Permit allows the applicant to provide up to three gaming machines made up of category B4, C and D, but no other form of gaming. Commercial clubs may apply for this Permit.

Click here for an application form for Club gaming permit and club machine permit. (PDF, 128.7 KB)

Click here for Gambling Act Fact sheet. (PDF, 75.8 KB)

Family Entertainment Centre Gaming Machine Permit

This would include small arcades in holiday and theme parks and are unlicensed by virtue of the fact that they only provide category D machines. These are machines that may be played by under 18's and any number may be provided.

Applicants must provide the following:-

  • A plan showing the layout of the premises
  • Evidence that appropriate measures/training are in place to enable staff to:
    • deal with suspected truant children on the premises
    • deal with unsupervised very young children on the premises
      have a full understanding of the maximum stakes and prizes permissible in unlicensed FEC's.
    • demonstrate how the applicant would deal with children causing perceived problems on or around the premises.
  • Evidence that the applicant is able to demonstrate a full understanding of the maximum stakes and prizes of the gambling that is permissible in unlicensed FEC's.
  • Evidence that the applicant has no relevant convictions

If you want to make category C machines available in addition to category D then you will need to apply for an Operating Licence and a Premises Licence. See Premises Licences.

Click here for an application form for an Unlicensed Family Entertainment Centre Permit (PDF, 162 KB)

Click here for a for disclosure form for Declaration of Convictions (PDF, 35.4 KB)

Prize Gaming Permit

Prize gaming is gaming where neither the nature nor the size of the prize is determined by the number of persons playing or the amount paid for or raised by the gaming. It is gaming where the organiser puts up the prizes in advance as distinct from gaming where the stakes of the participants make up the winnings. Prize gaming is intended to permit low level gaming for small participation fees and modest prizes. Bingo played at seaside amusement arcades is an example.

A Permit may only be applied for by a person who occupies or plans to occupy the relevant premises and if the applicant is an individual then they must be aged 18 or over. Holders of Premises Licences or Club Gaming Permits may not apply.

A Prize Gaming Permit authorises the gaming on specific premises. The following premises are authorised by the Act to offer prize gaming and do not require a separate authorisation:-

  • Holders of an Adult Gaming Centre Premises Licence
  • Holders of a Family Entertainment Centre Premises Licence
  • Holders of a Family Entertainment Centre Gaming Machine Permit
  • Travelling Fairs
  • Bingo Halls

Applicants for a Permit will be required to provide evidence of the following:-

  • The types of gaming that they are intending to offer
  • The ability to demonstrate that they understand the limits to stakes that are set out in the Regulations
  • That the gaming offered is within the law

Click here for the application form for a Prize Gaming Permit (PDF, 179.6 KB)



Download gambling licence fees. (PDF, 473.8 KB)