How to make a complaint about unsafe working conditions

The local authority can only take action on a complaint if:

  • It relates to a work activity
  • The local authority is the right enforcing authority for the work
  • The issue complained about has caused or has the potential to cause significant harm, or alleges the denial of basic employee welfare facilities
  • It appears to constitute a significant breach of law for which the local authority is the enforcing authority

The local authority will not investigate your complaint when:

  • You make a complaint anonymously or withhold contact details. This is because we are not able to substantiate or discuss the information with you or ensure that it is not a malicious complaint
  • You have not raised the issue with the person responsible for health and safety or your trade union – unless you have good reason to believe you would be placed in a vulnerable position if you did raise your concerns with this person
  • There are no reasonably practicable precautions to deal with the matters you raised
  • It is impracticable to pursue your complaint

The local authority cannot help you get compensation or resolve problems of civil law.

All complaints will be treated in the strictest confidence. The details of the complainant will not be disclosed without prior permission.

To make a complaint about local authority enforced premises contact Environmental Health on:

Telephone: 01452 396396


To make a complaint about HSE enforced premises telephone 0300 003 1647