Gloucester Heritage Strategy 2019-2029

The Heritage Strategy has been funded as part of the key strand ‘Achieving Regeneration in the City through Heritage" (ARCH) within the Great Place scheme, funded by the Heritage Fund and Arts Council England. The Great Place scheme places a strategic focus on enhancing Gloucester’s heritage for all and embeds a culture of developing an holistic approach to the regeneration of the city centre through the development of a heritage strategy which will in turn aid proactive working with developers, members, stakeholders and partners, whether professional or residents of the City over the next ten years and beyond.

Heritage is a key component in the effective delivery of sustainable growth. It contributes to the creation of a competitive City Centre, support for the diverse needs of local communities, and the creation and maintenance of a high quality and sustainable environment. The historic environment is an integral part of the wider regeneration, economic development, tourism and cultural aspirations of the City of Gloucester.

A background document has been created which informs the Gloucester Heritage Strategy 2019-29 titled "Gloucester Heritage Strategy Background Document - Evidence, Analysis, Engagement". It comprises an evidence base and summary of stakeholder engagement and provides the foundation on which the strategy has been formulated. In addition to being the evidence base for the heritage strategy, it provides evidence for the Gloucester City Local Plan and includes evidence and analysis of Gloucester’s heritage resources, including the nature of the resource, economic value and key issues. Analysis of key projects and development involving or affecting Gloucester’s heritage, with a particular focus on design quality and economic impact. An overview of other local plans and strategies relevant to heritage. A summary of the outcomes of stakeholder and community engagement. Details of local stakeholders from across the sectors and a section on possible funding sources.

The Heritage Strategy has been written as a collaboration between local and national heritage organisations, including the City Council, Gloucester Civic Trust, Gloucester Historic Buildings Trust, Gloucester Heritage Forum and Historic England. Its delivery will require collaboration and close working between those partners to draw upon each other’s strengths and to attract the necessary resources to maximise the 10 year vision the strategy puts forward. The Heritage Strategy was adopted by Gloucester City Council on the 10 July and provides a key component of the evidence base informing the emerging Gloucester City Plan and its policies.

The documents can be viewed as follows:

Gloucester Heritage Strategy 2019-2029 - Conservation, Regeneration, Engagement (PDF, 32.6 MB)

Gloucester Heritage Strategy Background Document - Evidence, Analysis, Engagement (PDF, 3.1 MB)