Listed Buildings

Listed buildings in Gloucester

Historic England maintains an up-to-date register of all listed buildings. You can use the map search function on Historic England's website to browse listed buildings in Gloucester manually, or the advanced search function to see a complete list of nationally protected historic buildings and sites within the City (select 'Gloucester' from the drop-down menu in the 'District' field).

Historic England's website also contains useful information on owning an older home and heritage and the planning system among other topics. 

​​​What is a listed building?

A listed building has been identified as being of special architectural or historic interest. It is included on a national register of such buildings, compiled by Historic England. The Council have produced a guide providing information on listed buildings, which can be downloaded here (PDF, 18.1 MB) .

Historic Impact Statements

Planning Guidance stipulates that all listed building consent applications must be accompanied by a Historic Impact Statement, including a Statement of Significance. You can download further information here (PDF, 81.7 KB) .

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