Listed Buildings

Schedule of Listed Buildings

The Council have produced a schedule of Listed buildings in Gloucester. Please note that this schedule is indicative only, and does not purport to identify every listed building or structure in Gloucester, and should therefore not be relied upon. If unsure about the status of a buildings please contact the Conservation Team. The Council have produced a Schedule of Listed Buildings in Gloucester. Please refer to the accompanying guidance notes before using the Schedule. It can be searched by street name using the alphabetical index or by grading links below:

​​​What is a Listed Building?

A Listed Building has been identified as being of special architectural or historic interest. It is included on a national register of such buildings, compiled by English Heritage. The Council have produced a guide providing information on Listed Buildings, which can be downloaded here.

Design and Access Statements

New Planning Guidance, introduced in August 2006, stipulates that all listed building consent applications must be accompanied by a Design and Access Statement. You can download further information here.

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