Personal Searches

A personal search may be conducted by anyone, but in the vast majority of cases these are conducted by private companies on behalf of their clients. A personal search allows for the inspection of the Local Land Charges Register and at this authority this is carried out by submission of an LLC1 form. All other publicly available registers are available by contacting the relevant departments.

What you need to know

  • Requests should be made by email
  • Only 5 addresses per request each day
  • Clearly state when you would like the results back
  • A minimum of 48 hours notice is required
  • Red outline plan, clearly outlining the full extent of the property
  • There is no fee for a personal search

Personal search information is unrefined and may include relevant and irrelevant information. We will no longer be answering queries relating to items found on the results. To receive the refined information, you can submit an LLC1 application and pay the relevant fee of £21.00.

If you believe something is missing please get in touch with us so we can continue to improve the quality of our data.