What is a breach of planning?

The potential breaches of planning that we investigate include:

  • Building works without planning permission
  • Unauthorised use of buildings or land use, eg where the use of the building/land has changed such that it is materially different from what it was before, and planning permission has not been granted
  • Not building in accordance with the approved plans that form part of a planning permission
  • Breach of condition after planning permission has been granted
  • Unauthorised engineering operations, such as the creation of earth bunds
  • An untidy site,
  • Failure to comply with a Section 106 Agreement or other legal obligation
  • The display of some types of advertisements
  • Works to a listed building without listed building consent
  • Unauthorised works to trees with a Tree Preservation Order (TPO) or in Conservation Area
  • Removal of a protected hedgerow

What is not a breach of planning?

Issues that are not considered breaches include:

  • Obstruction of a highway or public right of way
  • Parking of vehicles on the highway or on grass verges
  • Parking caravans on residential driveways
  • Land ownership disputes or trespass issues
  • Covenants imposed on property Deeds
  • Internal works to an unlisted building