Brownfield Land Register

The Town and Country Planning (Brownfield Land Register) Regulations 2017 require local planning authorities to maintain a register of their brownfield sites that are suitable for housing. Brownfield land is an important part of sustainable local planning and development. Data on brownfield land has a wide range of uses, including:

  • planning for housing-led development
  • creating new digital services
  • giving community members insight into local development

The sites on the Brownfield Land Register should be at least 0.25 ha in size or capable of supporting at least 5 dwellings. Sites which have planning permissions that have not been implemented can be included. Gloucester's Brownfield Land Register (December 2022) is available below as are maps of the sites identified. Please note that at this point in time the council has not identified any sites to be put forward into Part 2 of the Register – to be considered for Permission in Principle. Every December the Register will be updated. The Council is always willing to consider new sites submitted for consideration, either through a formal ‘call for sites’ when this happens or through sites submitted at any time. If you would like to submit a site, please download the form below, complete it in full and return it to Please note the requirement to provide a site plan/map.

BLR Submission Form (DOC, 127.5 KB)

Brownfield Land Register (CSV) (CSV, 21.9 KB)

Brownfield Land Register (XLSX) (XLSX, 24.2 KB)

Brownfield Land Register (Easy Read Version) (DOCX, 16.5 MB)

Barnwood Manor (PDF, 170.6 KB)

Jordans Brook House (PDF, 170.7 KB)

Allstone site (PDF, 246.3 KB)

Land at Cheltenham Surfacing (PDF, 158.7 KB)

Great Western Road sidings (PDF, 454.2 KB)

Wessex House (PDF, 157.9 KB)

Land at St Oswalds (PDF, 423.3 KB)

Part of Kings Quarter (PDF, 299.1 KB)

Gloucester Prison (PDF, 171.6 KB)

Quayside part of LDO (PDF, 356.2 KB)

Former MOD Oil Storage Depot (PDF, 195.2 KB)

104 Northgate Street (PDF, 184.2 KB)

12-16 Quay Street (PDF, 219.6 KB)

114-118 Eastgate Street (PDF, 162.2 KB)

Friary House, Southgate Street (PDF, 178.1 KB)

The Lodge, 19 Brunswick Road (PDF, 172.9 KB)

The Former Fleece Hotel and Longsmith Street Carpark (PDF, 218.2 KB)

67-69 London Road (PDF, 318 KB)

Part of West Quay (PDF, 241.1 KB)

Former Colwell Youth and Community Centre (PDF, 237.8 KB)

Land North of Rudloe Drive (PDF, 413.9 KB)

269-277 Barton Street (PDF, 186 KB)

Cedar House, Spa Road (PDF, 449.1 KB)

Former Sainsburys (PDF, 185.4 KB)

Former Holly House (PDF, 233 KB)

12 Llanthony Road (PDF, 166.4 KB)

Former Hatherley Road Day Centre (PDF, 255.4 KB)

Above Wilkinsons (PDF, 228.6 KB)

Former Poundstretcher  (PDF, 171.2 KB)

9 Park Road  (PDF, 204.7 KB)

Former Argos Building  (PDF, 242.3 KB)

20-26 The Oxbode (PDF, 209.8 KB)

55 Northgate Street (PDF, 109.8 KB)

74-78 Southgate Street (PDF, 120.5 KB)

Former EDF Campus, Barnwood (PDF, 74.5 KB)

Mill Place and Madleaze Industrial Estates (PDF, 276.3 KB)

NEM House, 37-41 Clarence Street (PDF, 124.8 KB)

St Stephens Church (PDF, 327.4 KB)


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