City Improvement and Environment

Privacy dashboards in city improvement and environment are:

Enviro crime investigations (PDF, 145.2 KB)

Flood risk management (PDF, 197.7 KB)

Licensing Act 2003 (under review)

Sex establishments (PDF, 67.2 KB)

Statutory nuisance investigations (PDF, 145.5 KB)

Street furniture and A-boards (PDF, 144.3 KB)

Street Trading (under review)

Hackney Carriage and Private Hire Driver Licensing (under review)

Hackney carriage and private hire vehicle licensing (PDF, 86 KB)

Hackney carriage and private hire DEFRA data sharing (under review)

Indoor market-weekly let information (PDF, 117.2 KB)

Indoor market-licence information (PDF, 117.2 KB)