Tell us about changes

You’ll need to tell us immediately if anything changes that may affect how much Housing Benefit or Council Tax support you get.

You’ll need to tell us about changes such as:

  • a change of address
  • changes to your rent
  • if someone moves into or out of your home
  • changes to how much money you or anyone living with you gets, including changes to other benefits and tax credits
  • a change in the amount of capital or savings you or your partner have
  • if anyone in your household is going to be absent from the property for more than 4 weeks for any reason
  • having a new child or your first child
  • a temporary absence from your home

If you do not tell us we might not pay enough benefit, or we might pay you too much and you may have to pay it back.


What happens if I’m overpaid?

Housing benefit

We’ll expect you to pay it back or we will deduct it from any future benefit payments.

Council Tax support

We’ll deduct the amount you’ve been overpaid from your Council Tax account and will send you a bill. The bill will show how much you will need to pay and when the payment is due.

How do I report a change?


Report a change


Send to You must include the benefit claim number and the word claim in the subject of your email. For example; Claim [Your benefit claim number]


Write to us at Gloucester City Revenues & Benefits, PO Box 2017, Pershore, Worcestershire, WR10 9BJ