If you do not agree with a decision we make about your Housing Benefit claim, you must let us know within a month of the decision.

Can I appeal?

You cannot make an appeal straight away. But, you can ask us:

  • for a more detailed explanation
  • to look at our decision again

You can contact us in writing at You’ll need to tell us why you do not agree with the decision.

You must include the benefit claim number in your email to us and the word claim in the subject of your email. For example, Claim [Your benefit claim number].

We'll look at your claim again and respond.

What if I still disagree?

If you still disagree with our decision you can make an appeal to the HM Courts and Tribunals Service which is an independent body.

  • You have one month from the date of our most recent decision to make an appeal
  • Do not contact the Tribunals Service directly
  • Write to us and tell us why you think the decision is wrong and we will forward it to the Tribunals Service. This is so they know that we have already considered your claim

The Tribunals Service will contact you directly to let you know what they'll do next.