​​​​Complaints, compliments and comments

Here to help is the council’s scheme for responding to customer work requests, complaints, compliments and comments. At Gloucester City Council we need you to tell us how we are doing, whether good or bad, so we can review what we do, change the way we work and strive to deliver excellent customer service.

Help us improve

To help us improve, we’d like to know more about your experience today.

Get in touch using our online feedback form, it only takes 2 minutes to fill in and don't worry all responses are anonymous.

Give feedback

Formal complaints, comments and compliments

You can give us your feedback in different ways. Our Complaints process will help you to understand how we process your feedback.

Email: heretohelp@gloucester.gov.uk

Post: Gloucester City Council, PO Box 3252, Gloucester, GL1 9FW

Phone: 01452 396 396

What happens once I have made a complaint?

We will do our best to resolve your complaint about a council service to your satisfaction. We will do this by following the council’s complaints procedure.

The following documents provide more information about our Here to Help complaints process and how we deal with unreasonable and vexatious customers.

How we handle your complaint

Behaviour of complainants

In a minority of cases some complainants pursue their cases in a way that can impede the investigation of their complaint or have significant resource issues for the Council. We do not expect Council staff to waste time on dealing with unreasonable complainants. Nor do we expect staff to tolerate threatening or abusive behaviour by complainants and we will take action to protect staff from such behaviour. The Council has a separate policy for dealing with "unreasonable behaviour".

Unacceptable customer behaviour policy

This policy sets out the council's approach to the small minority of our customers whose behaviour towards the council has been assessed as being unacceptable.