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Stronger Safer Gloucester Partnership

Who we are

The Stronger Safer Gloucester Partnership (SSGP) is the strategic group bringing agencies together to work in partnership on community safety issues in our City.

Gloucester City has a history of strong and successful partnership working to drive forward positive changes in our communities and address issues affecting our residents. The SSGP builds on this, bringing together the people who have the ability, resources and commitment to make things happen.

As a partnership we are supportive and challenging in our work in order to link engagement, prevention and enforcement strands so that we can achieve better outcomes for all. We work collectively and use positive, community focussed problem solving in our work to shape our shared response to crime, anti-social behaviour, health and wellbeing trends across Gloucester.


Why do we have this partnership?

Community Safety Partnerships were first set up under the Crime and Disorder Act 1998. Councils have a legal duty to work with their local Police force and other partner agencies to address crime and disorder in their area.

In 2017 the partnership rebranded as the Stronger Safer Gloucester Partnership and widened it’s scope to include health and wellbeing. This is because we recognise that crime, health and wellbeing issues are often co-existing and can impact greatly on each other. Our partnership is built on the principle that no single agency can deal with, or be responsible for dealing with, complex community safety issues. These issues can be addressed more effectively and efficiently through working in partnership, addressing root causes and inequalities that can lead to crime and disorder occurring.


What does the SSGP do?

The SSGP focusses on work that we can only do together. We recognise the diversity of work that our member organisations do day to day, and we seek to build on that together. Each year we agree a set of priorities for our joint work; these are based on local knowledge, data trends and feedback from communities and practitioners.


Our workplan is currently under review and a community safety strategy and workplan for 2025-2030 will be published towards the end of 2024.

Our focussed areas of work include:

  • Serious Violence Duty
  • Violence and intimidation against women and girls (VIAWG)
  • Youth Violence Prevention
  • Anti-Social Behaviour
  • Safer Spaces 
  • Supporting our Communities to build resilience (through Strengths Based working and Asset Based Community Development)

We have an interactive community safety map - Have Your Say Today - Gloucester Public Spaces Safety Map - Commonplace - please drop a pin on the map and tell us about any locations across the City where you feel particularly safe or unsafe and why. We are collating this information throughout 2024 and using it to direct partnership resources, spend and apply for funding and improve open spaces by target hardening and supporting positive community activity. 


Useful information

The work of the Stronger Safer Gloucester Partnership and its members is broad and diverse. Below are links to our partner agencies and key pieces of work: