Collecting Waste and Recycling in Severe Weather

In the event of severe weather disrupting waste and recycling collections, service updates and catch-up arrangements will be posted on our updates page, as well as on social media. Local radio stations will also be informed.


Advice on collections in windy weather

If you have a collection during windy weather, you can help to keep your neighbourhood tidy by doing the following:

  • Put your waste and recycling containers out on the morning of collection, as close to, but no later than 7am and retrieve as soon as possible after collection.
  • To reduce the risk of containers being blown over, place them in a sheltered spot, for instance against a fence.
  • Ensure the handle of the food waste caddy is in the locked position.
  • If possible don’t overfill your green box.
  • Ensure bin lids are closed (We have a closed lid policy – bins presented with open lids will not be collected)
  • If practical, you may wish to hold back placing out lighter materials in the recycling box until the next collection.

Collection crews will pick up materials they drop or spill but cannot pick up those blown down the street. We are very grateful to our residents who help to clear up any escaped recycling when its windy, if you do need to report a litter problem please phone 01452 396396 or email

Advice on collections in snow and ice

  • Ensure waste and recycling containers are put out by 7am on collection day.
  • If your waste and recycling is freezing inside the bins and caddies give it a stir, or a shake on the morning of your collection day to loosen it and ensure it can be fully emptied by the crews (this includes garden waste).
  • Check on the morning of collection that your bin lids are not frozen shut.
  • Wherever possible, try to keep your containers in a sheltered location before presenting on collection day to reduce the possibility of freezing
  • During adverse road conditions, we will only collect waste and recycling from households where it is safe to do so, typically main roads, bus routes and other pre-salted roads.
  • It may be necessary to suspend waste, garden waste and recycling collections in other areas, as the vehicles can weigh up to 26 tonnes and we will consider the risk of injury to the public and staff and damage to property, as well as the likelihood of the vehicles becoming stuck and causing further disruption. An increase in parked cars on streets during bad weather can also stop our vehicles getting into or out of a street safely.
  • Where collections are suspended please leave your containers out until advised otherwise. If conditions do not improve, and it is unlikely that your containers will be emptied, please take your containers back into your property and present on your next collection day (check website messages, social media and local radio for latest information).
  • Bins must continue to be presented with a closed lid.
  • Make use of home compost bins for vegetable and fruit peelings, tea bags, cardboard and paper if one is available to you.
  • If it is possible for you, please make use of the Household Recycling Centre at Hempsted to dispose of excess waste.
  • Garden waste collections may be suspended or delayed during severe weather conditions