Report Graffiti on Private Property or Land

If the graffiti is on private land, it is usually the responsibility of the landowner you will need to ask them to remove it.


How to report non-offensive graffiti 

Contact the owner of the property, for example: 


How to report offensive graffiti on private land

If the graffiti is offensive and on private property, you can report the incident to us for investigation.  

Offensive graffiti is any wording or imagery that causes offense such as:

  • racial
  • offensive language
  • religiously insulting or inciting nature
  • hate statements
  • graphically explicit images sexual or violent nature.

Report graffiti on private land


What happens next

We try to help private landowners clear offensive graffiti as quickly as possible. 


Other ways to make a report

If you cannot make a report online, please phone us on 01452 396 396