First Stage Deposit Local Plan 2001

The Gloucester Local Plan First Stage Deposit was published in 2001, when it was subject to a period of consultation. It comprises a written statement and proposals map. Links to all sections are provided below.

Overall strategy issues paper (PDF, 93.1 KB)

Central Gloucester issues paper (PDF, 74.2 KB)

Employment issues paper (PDF, 174.6 KB)

Green areas paper (PDF, 188.9 KB)

Housing issues paper (PDF, 179 KB)

Shopping issues paper (PDF, 184.8 KB)

Travel and accessibility issues paper (PDF, 110.4 KB)

Accessibility issues paper (PDF, 110.4 KB)


Main Document

Gloucester local plan (PDF, 14.7 MB)


Proposals Map

Proposals Map (PDF, 9.1 MB)

Key to proposals map (PDF, 785.2 KB)

Central Gloucester proposals map (PDF, 3 MB)

Key to Central Gloucester proposals map (PDF, 680.6 KB)

Note: The Proposals Map was published alongside the First Stage Deposit Local Plan in June 2001. A number of changes were made to the Proposals Map when the Second Stage Deposit Local Plan was published in August 2002. However a new map was not published. Instead, a number of site-specific plans were published showing the changes that were made. 

If you're interested in a particular site or policy shown on the proposals map, please check on these additional plans to ensure that no changes were made at the Second Deposit Stage (such as the site being deleted or boundary extended). Note: Altogether, around 1,200 individual comments were made concerning the Gloucester First Stage Deposit Local Plan. These comments were taken into account and republished in August 2002 as the Second Stage Deposit Local Plan 2002

Response to the First Stage Deposit Local Plan 2001 (PDF, 1.8 MB)