This is the planning policy archive. Here you will find full details of previous planning documents including plans, land availability reports and monitoring.  

Past Plans

Local Development Framework (2005)

Previously, the City Council has consulted on four different planning documents, which were collectively known as the Local Development Framework. These documents all reached the ‘preferred options’ stage and will no longer be progressed. Further information on each of the documents is available by clicking on the relevant link below.

Local Plan 1996

Two Local Plan documents were produced in 1996 to reflect the changes to Gloucester's administrative boundary, made in 1991, which brought Quedgeley (previously in Stroud District) into Gloucester's administration. Although these plans have been considered through a formal public inquiry process and reported on by the Planning Inspectorate, they have not been formally adopted. The full documents can be downloaded by selecting the relevant link below.
City of Gloucester (Pre-1991 Boundary Extension) Local Plan 
City of Gloucester (Additional Areas Post-1991 Boundary Extension) Local Plan

Second Stage Deposit Local Plan

Second Stage Deposit Local Plan

First Stage Deposit Local Plan

First Stage Deposit Local Plan

Local Plan 1983

Gloucester Local Plan 1983 
Schedule of Saved Policies

Past SALA/SHLAA Reports

SALA 2017

SALA - March 2017​​​

​SALA 2016

SALA - March 2016​​

SALA 2015

SALA - January 2015

Gypsy, Traveller and Travelling Showpeople SALA Addendum 2015​

SALA 2013

Report (including Appendix 1)
Appendix 2
Appendix 3
Appendix 4
Appendix 5​​

SHLAA 2012

Gloucester SHLAA (December 2012)

SHLAA 2011

Gloucester SHLAA (December 2011)
Appendix 1; Full EA & EH standing advice
Appendix 2: SHLAA Site Proforma
Appendix 3: Gloucestershire County Accession Model
Appendix 4: GCC SHLAA site assessment proforma
Appendix 5: GCC SHLAA sites location plan
Appendix 6: JCS Peripheral SHLAA site assessment proforma
Appendix 7: JCS Peripheral SHLAA site location plans
Appendix 8: Gypsy, traveller and travelling showpeople SHLAA site assessment proforma
Appendix 9: Gypsy, traveller and travelling showpeople SHLAA site location plan

SHLAA 2010

Gloucester SHLAA (August 2010)
Appendix 3
Gloucester City Council Draft SHLAA Sites map

​SHLAA 2009

Gloucester SHLAA (November 2009)
Appendix 3

Past Monitoring Reports


Annual Monitoring Report 2010/11
Annual Monitoring Report 2009/10
Annual Monitoring Report 2008/09
Annual Monitoring Report 2007/08
Annual Monitoring Report 2006/07
Annual Monitoring Report 2005/06
Annual Monitoring Report 2004/05


Housing Monitoring Information 2017​
Housing Monitoring Information 2016
Housing Monitoring Information 2015​
Housing Monitoring Information 2014
Housing Monitoring Information 2013
Housing Monitoring Information 2012
Housing Monitoring Information 2011
Housing Monitoring Information 2010
Housing Monitoring Information 2009
Housing Monitoring Information 2008
Housing Monitoring Information 2007
Housing Monitoring Information 2006
Housing Monitoring Information 2005
Housing Monitoring Information 2004
Housing Monitoring Information 2003
Housing Monitoring Information 2002
Housing Monitoring Information 2001
Housing Monitoring Information 2000
Housing Monitoring Information 1999


Employment Monitoring 2016
Employment Monitoring 2014
Employment Monitoring 2012
Employment Monitoring 2010
Employment Monitoring 2009
Employment Monitoring 2008
Employment Monitoring 2007
Employment Monitoring 2006
Employment Monitoring 2005
Employment Monitoring 2004


Past Topic Papers

All topic papers were published in December 2016 and provide background on evidence and policy development for the policies contained in the Draft City Plan.

Past Revocation Statements 

Revocation Statement, December 2020