Adopted development plan

The adopted Local Plan is the Joint Core Strategy (2017) and Gloucester Local Plan (1983) – saved policies

Joint Core Strategy

Joint Core Strategy website

Joint Core Strategy Adopted 2017 document 

Local Plan 1983

In light of the adoption of the JCS, and a review of the NPPF, only the following two policies from the 1983 Local Plan are considered relevant:

  • ​A1.a Heights of buildings and protection of views
  • ​C1.e Site identified at Abbeydale to provide two Primary Schools

Second Stage Deposit City of Gloucester Local Plan (2002)

The Second Stage Deposit City of Gloucester Local Plan is a draft plan that was published and approved by the council for development management decision making in 2002. As the Second Stage Deposit is not an adopted plan the policies contained within it could not be superseded by the adoption of the Joint Core Strategy in accordance with Regulation 8(5) of the Town and Country Planning (Local Planning) (England) Regulations 2012.

The policies of the Second Stage Deposit have therefore been reviewed in light of the Joint Core Strategy and the National Planning Policy Framework (NPPF).

The full assessment of the policies can be found in the following Endorsed Relevant Policies June 2018.

The following table identifies the policies that are considered to be a material consideration and have significant weight in the decision making process:

Relevant Policies from 2002 Gloucester City Council Revised Deposit Local Plan
Policy FRP.12 Sewage Works Cordon Sanitaire
Policy BE.2 Views and Skyline
Policy BE.11 Shopfronts, Shutters and Signs
Policy BE.16 Provision of Public Art
Policy BE.19 Enclosure of Front and Side Gardens on Existing Open Plan Estates
Policy BE.25 Consent for Demolition of a Listed Building
Policy BE.30a Control of Redevelopment Within Conservation Areas
Policy TR.14 Coach Parking
Policy TR.22 Enhancing the Bus & Rail Interchange
Policy TR.23 Services in the Bus & Rail Interchange
Policy TR.26 Park & Ride – Waterwells
Policy E.4 Protecting Employment Land
Policy S.3 Kings Square

Policy S.13 Changes of use in District and Local Centres

Policy S.14 Barton Street Local Centre

Policy T.6 Provision of New Public Toilets
Policy C.3 A Multi Purpose Venue
Policy OS.2 Public Open Space Standard for New Residential Development
Policy OS.3 New Housing and Public Open Space
Policy OS.6 Provision Of Open Space By Other Development
Policy OS.7 New Areas of Public Open Space
Policy SR.5 Designing For Shared Use
Policy A.1 New Housing and Allotments
Policy CS.9 Land Reserved for Primary Schools
Policy H.19 Static Caravan Sites

The following policies are considered to have partial relevance. They are a material consideration and the relevant parts are to be afforded significant weight in the decision making process.

Partial Relevance ​Notes
Policy FRP.19 Protection of Underground Oil and Gas Pipelines Refer to SD14 of the JCS for safety issues and continue to use Policy FRP.19 for maintenance issues.
Policy S.4a New Retail Development Outside Designated Centres Boundaries of City Centre and Primary Shopping Area are defined JCS. Boundaries of Local and District Centres are defined in 2002 plan.
Policy S.9 New District and Local Centres Need to retain to allow for the creation of new Local centres outside of Strategic Allocations. Local centres in Strategic Allocations are dealt with by JCS.
Policy S.10 District Centres Boundaries of Local and District Centres are not covered by JCS. Primary Shopping Area element of the policy is dealt with in JCS.
Policy OS.4 Design of Public Open Space Only point 2 of the policy is relevant. Points 1,3,4 & 5 are covered by JCS policies INF3/SD4/SD9

A full copy of the Second Stage Deposit City of Gloucester Local Plan can be found at Second Stage Deposit City of Gloucester Local Plan (2002)

For archived policy documents please visit the Archive page.

Supplementary planning documents

The following supplementary planning documents have been adopted by the council for the purposes of development control.

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