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Human resources information

Gender pay gap report

Below is the council's Gender pay gap report for 31 March 2018 plus associated commentary.

Gender pay gap report (2018)

Gender pay gap tables (2018)

Gender pay gap report (2017)

Pay policy/Pay multiples

This sets out the council's approach to paying its staff.

Local authorities are required to produce a Pay Policy Statement, which includes the council's policy on pay dispersion (the relationship between remuneration of chief officers and the remuneration of other staff).

Pay policy statement 2019-20 Report

Pay policy statement 2019-20 Appendix 1​

Pension policy

Pension policy statement​​

Trade Union facility time

  • Total number of staff who are union representatives – 2
  • Total number of union representatives who devote at least 50% of their time to union duties – 0
  • Number of trade unions represented in the local authority – 3 – UNISON, Unite, GMB
  • Estimate of spending on unions – Zero (based on the answer to point 2 that there are no employees that spend the majority of their time on union duties)
  • Estimate of spending on unions as a percentage of the total pay bill – Zero (based on the answer to point 2 that there are no employees that spend the majority of their time on union duties)

Organisation chart/Officer remuneration

This information is published annually, unless there is a significant change in the structure. It covers staff in the top three levels of the organisation and contains:

  • the number of employees whose remuneration in that year was at least £50,000
  • details of remuneration and job title of certain senior employees whose salary is at least £50,000.

Gloucester City Council's organisational chart  

Senior management organisation chart

Senior management salaries 2019 / 2020

Workforce equalities diversity report

Below are the council’s workforce equalities diversity reports for the period 2017-19:

Workforce equalities diversity report 2018 -19

Workforce equalities diversity report 2017-18

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