Other Discounts

For those in nursing or residential care homes, in prison or detained, religious communities and diplomats.

Do I qualify?

Detained or in prison

You’re not classed as detained and cannot apply for a discount if any of the following apply:

  • in police custody before a first court appearance
  • detained for non-payment of Council Tax
  • detained for non-payment of a fine

You may not be counted for Council Tax and can apply for discount if you’re one of the following:

  • detained in a prison, a hospital or other place by a court
  • being held under the Mental Health Act
  • held under the Immigration Act
  • imprisoned, detained or in custody for more than 48 hours under the Armed Forces Act or Naval Discipline Act

If a property is left empty by someone in detention it may be exempt from Council Tax


Nursing, residential care homes or hospital

You will not be counted if your main home is a nursing or care home or hospital and providing:

  • your home is left empty as a result of you permanently living in a care home or hospital
  • you remain the liable person for Council Tax purposes

If you return home between treatments it does not qualify as permanent.


Members of religious communities

Religious community members will not be counted, for example monks and nuns, and:

  • they depend on the community for their material needs
  • have no personal income or capital
  • whose main work is prayer, contemplation, the relief of suffering, education or any combination of these



Diplomats and members of international organisations headquartered in the UK and their non-British spouses will not be counted.


How do I apply?


You can contact us at revenues@gloucester.gov.uk. You must include the Council Tax account reference number in your email to us and the word reference in the subject of your email. For example 'Reference [Your Council Tax number]'



You can contact us at Gloucester City Revenues & Benefits, PO Box 2017, PERSHORE, WR10 9BJ