Single Person

If you're the only person over 18 living in your home, you can apply for a 25% discount.

Do I qualify?

If you’ve already registered with us to pay Council Tax and you’re living alone, you can apply for a single person discount.

You’ll need to continue paying your existing payments until you hear from us.


If anything changes

You’ll need to tell us immediately if anything changes such as:

  • someone moves in
  • someone in your house turns 18

You need to tell us within 21 days. If you do not, you may receive a penalty charge.


How do I apply for or cancel my discount?


You can apply for or cancel the discount through My Gloucester if you've linked your Council Tax account.

How to link your account?

First you'll need to sign up to My Gloucester and sign in, then you can link your Council Tax account.

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Already registered?

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Download and complete the form (PDF, 76.9 KB) and send to us at You must include the Council Tax account reference number in your email to us and the word reference in the subject of your email. For example 'Reference [Your Council Tax number]'



Download and complete the form (PDF, 76.9 KB) and send to us at Gloucester City Revenues & Benefits, PO Box 2017, PERSHORE, WR10 9BJ