Who charges Council Tax?

See how your bill is made up and who we collect it for.

Council Tax is made up of several charges from different authorities but Gloucester City Council is responsible for billing people and collecting it all.

We collect Council Tax for:

  • Gloucestershire County Council
  • ourselves (Gloucester City Council)
  • Police and Crime Commissioner for Gloucestershire
  • Quedgeley Town Council (if your property is in the Quedgeley parish)

The amount you'll have to pay depends on the band your property has been given and the area you live in. Each property in Gloucester is in one of eight Council Tax bands (ranging from A (lowest) to H (highest)).

Council Tax is a property based tax, and in most cases is payable by the owner or tenant of a property. Some properties are exempt from tax, and some people may get a discount or reduction.


Adult Social Care

Adult social care is an additional Council Tax charge shown as a separate charge on your bill and included in your Council Tax payments. The income from this charge can only be used for adult social care services.

The government lets councils that provide social care to adults to increase their share of Council Tax by up to an extra 2.8% compared to last year’s Council Tax.

Gloucestershire County Council is the authority which provides adult social care services, and we collect this charge for them.