Dangerous tree on private land

If a tree has fallen or you are concerned about the condition of the tree you should seek advice from a qualified tree surgeon or arboricultural consultant. We are not responsible for trees on private land. 

In an emergency situation you can still report a fallen tree or branch in private ownership to us where it is causing a hazard to users of a public park or open space.  We will then advise on what action you need to take. If you fail to act upon our advice, we may carry out this work on your behalf and recover the full costs for this work from you. 

If you have a tree on your land you have a duty of care to ensure that your tree does not pose a risk to people on or adjacent to your land, you must:

  • inspect your trees regularly  
  • undertake essential work where necessary 

You must remove or cut back your tree if it: 

  • blocks the view at a road junction
  • obstructs a road or footpath
  • obstructs a streetlight, traffic lights or street signs
  • is a danger to the highway

You can take the tree or branches to Hempsted Recycling Centre or employ a registered waste contractor to remove the waste.

Check the Environmental Agency's Register list of waste carriers, brokers and dealers to see if the contractor is a registered waste carrier.

Report a dangerous tree

Phone us on 01452 396 396 if the situation is extremely dangerous with an immediate risk to safety or it is the weekend or a bank holiday.