Report a dangerous tree in a park or open space

We are responsible for all trees on our land. To determine what a dangerous tree is, please see below:  

Does the tree have fungus on the stem or at at the base?


Are there areas of peeling bark or dark/wet staining?


Is there significant dieback in the crown?


Does it look dead (no leaves in summer)?

Does the tree look like it's about to fall over?

This is very rare - a leaning tree doesn't mean it's unstable.  Only report if:

  • there are any cracks in the soil/pavement around the base of the tree
  • if the lean has become more pronounced recently (if so how much?)
  • please provide photos if possible

The images below show leaning trees that are all fine (not dangerous):


Use this service to report any of the above.   

Report a dangerous tree

Phone us on 01452 396 396 if the situation is extremely dangerous with an immediate risk to safety or it is the weekend or a bank holiday. 


What happens next

In an emergency situation we will instruct our tree contractor to attend the site within 2 hours to make the situation safe. 

In a non-emergency situation, we will carry out a site inspection within 20 working days. If an inspection shows that we are responsible for the tree we will aim to complete any works within 14 working days after the site visit unless our seasonal works programmes dictate otherwise.