Sorting Your Recycling

In December 2019, we improved the recycling service by making a few changes. This would help to speed up collections, easing traffic behind the vehicles and improving the quality of the recycling we collect.

The main changes are:

  • You'll need to separate your glass into a box on it's own
  • Plastic, cans and tins, aerosols, foil and cartons can be put together
  • All types of paper and card will be put into your blue sack 
  • We'll now collect small electrical items
  • We'll no longer collect textiles, batteries or recycling presented in carrier bags

If your recycling is not collected you'll be left a note by the crew explaining why they haven't collected it.

Residents will need to have:

For a full list of items you can recycle please visit household recycling.

Why we made the changes

Paper and cardboard

Since the new recycling service began in early 2017 global markets, influenced by China have changed and demand for better quality materials which can be processed here in the UK are now a priority for us. Collecting mixed papers and card which can be baled together in Gloucester, will ensure our recyclable material is in high demand here in the UK.


It is often associated with contamination in the recycling industry. Small fragments of glass which make their way into plastic, aluminium, steel or paper can result in rejected bales. Keeping glass separate at the point of collection will help us avoid the possibility of contamination ensuring every kg collected gets recycled.


In the last 12 months there have been 3 fires at our recycling facility in Eastern Avenue, caused by aerosols. Although good to recycle because they are made of aluminium, we must make sure they are completely empty. Please do not recycle industrial aerosols, for example, paint cans, oven cleaners, lighter fuel or glue as these are particularly dangerous.


Batteries are a known ignition source and we must eliminate any possible risk of explosion and fire in our recycling facility. All major supermarkets have a provision in store to recycle batteries and for this reason we will no longer collect them in your kerbside service.


The majority of the clothing we collect could be re-used rather than recycled.  Please take good quality clothing to charity shops where it will be put to good use. We've decided to no longer collect this material because once wet, it is no longer recyclable and it's impossible to keep dry in wet conditions when collected from the kerb side.

Worn out clothing not fit for resale?

Some clothing banks will accept them along with a number of supermarkets and high-street shops.
We're aware that M&S and H&M have a 'take back scheme' in place, please visit their websites for details.

If you're a business in Gloucester and collect worn out clothing, please let us know and we can mention you.

Small electrical items

We now provide a collection for small electrical items. Small Waste Electronic and Electrical Equipment is the UK’s fastest growing waste stream.  Technology evolves at such a fast pace and older electrical and electronic items are often made redundant. The vast majority of these items such as mobile phones contain valuable plastics and metals which can be recycled and turned into new products. To ensure your electrical items are collected please put them on the lid of your green box. If they're still working take to a charity shop for re-use (not all charity shops may be able to take electrical items).