Gloucester residents invited to Proclamation of new Sovereign

The reign of His Majesty King Charles III will be proclaimed across Gloucester on Sunday 11 September and communities are invited to attend.

In line with royal protocols, today (Saturday 10 September) at 11am, the formal announcement of who the next Sovereign is, known as the Proclamation, will be made from St James Palace.

The same announcement will be read in Cardiff, Belfast and Edinburgh at either 12pm or 12.30pm on Sunday.

The first reading of the proclamation in the county will be read by the High Sheriff of Gloucestershire at 1pm on Sunday 11 September on the steps of Shire Hall, Westgate Street, Gloucester, and then at 2pm by the Mayor of Gloucester at the North Warehouse at Gloucester Docks.

The mayor will make the proclamation, officially announcing the reign of His Majesty King Charles III to the people of the City of Gloucester.

During the period of National Mourning, union flags around the country will be flying at half-mast, including the flags at North Warehouse and other Council buildings. However, during the period from of the Principal Proclamation of the new King at St James Palace at 11am on Saturday until the Local Proclamation at 2pm on Sunday, all flags will be flown at the mast-head. Following the conclusion of the Local Proclamation on Sunday, the flag will be lowered back to half-mast to reflect the period of National Mourning.