Can I claim?

Do I qualify?

You may qualify for Housing Benefit if any of the following apply:

  • you rent your home from a housing association
  • you rent your home from a private landlord
  • you’re a sub-tenant or lodger

You cannot claim if you own your own home or have a mortgage


Can I make a new claim?

You can make a new claim for Housing Benefit if any of the following apply, you:

  • have reached state pension age
  • live in supported accommodation-(and the landlord is a registered provider or a registered charity)
  • live in temporary accommodation

If none of these apply, you’ll need to claim Universal Credit for help with your rent.


Savings and Investments

If you and your partner have over £16,000 in savings and investments, you will not qualify for any help towards your rent unless you are in receipt of a state pension guarantee credit.



We may be able to pay Housing Benefit for an earlier date than the date of your claim form. This is known as a “backdate” but there are only limited circumstances.

We can backdate a claim up to:

  • one month for working age people
  • 3 months for pensioners


How do I apply?

You should make your claim for Housing Benefit as soon as possible. Your claim start date is the Monday after we receive your claim.

Making a claim online is quick and easy.

Apply for Housing Benefit