Your Council Tax Bill

Your Council Tax bill explained and what to do if you think it is wrong.

Your Council Tax bill explained

Your Council Tax bill contains important information about what you need to pay, when you need to pay and how you can pay. To assist you in understanding your bill, we have provided additional information to help explain what each section means.

Please see our guide 'Your Council Tax bill explained (PDF, 145.3 KB)'.


What if your bill is wrong?

You can appeal if you think your Council Tax bill is wrong because:

  • you’re not the person who should pay the bill
  • you haven’t received a discount or reduction you were expecting
  • you think your property is exempt

You cannot appeal just because you think your Council Tax bill is too expensive.


How to appeal

You'll need to write to us explaining the reason why you want to appeal.

If you make an appeal and you do not agree with our final decision, or we do not respond within 2 calendar months, you can appeal to a Valuation Tribunal.