Domestic Waste

All domestic properties are entitled to a fortnightly waste bin collection, if your property is on a sack collection, your waste is collected weekly.

Please remember, we have a closed lid and no side waste policy for domestic bins and sacks. All domestic waste must be presented in a container supplied by the council for collection, we do not collect loose black bags.

Order a black bin or refuse sack

Items we will not collect from your black domestic waste bin or sack:

  • Soil and rubble, electrical goods, window and mirror glass, DIY materials i.e., construction waste, tiles, and paint tins etc (these items are all accepted at the Hempsted household recycling centre
  • Needles / sharps - Hazardous waste such as syringes, diabetic needles and lancets post a significant health risk and need to be disposed of safely. Do not place diabetic needles, syringes or lancets in any general refuse sacks or bins - you may not only be risking your own health but that of the collection crews. Where to drop off sharps (PDF, 103 KB)
  • Gas canisters, vapes, batteries - these should not be placed in any council waste or recycling container
  • Business/commercial waste
  • Food waste. Please use your brown food waste bin
  • Items that should be put into your green recycling box or blue sack
  • Vapes - they must not be placed in your black bin or sack (visit our small electrical items page)

Bins and sacks that are not emptied because they contain any of the above materials will not be emptied until those items are removed.