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Gloucester City Plan Examination Library


Gloucester City Council will shortly submit the Gloucester City Plan to the Secretary of State for Housing, Communities and Local Government for examination. 

  • Gloucester City Plan - Notice of Submission


The Inspector

A Planning Inspector will be appointed to undertake an independent examination into the soundness and legal compliance of the Gloucester City Plan (the Plan).

The Inspector’s task is to consider the soundness of the submitted Plan, based on the criteria set out in paragraph 35 of the National Planning Policy Framework 2019 (the Framework).  The relevant soundness criteria are whether the Plan is: 1 – positively prepared (providing a strategy which, as a minimum, seeks to meet the area’s objectively assessed needs; and is informed by agreements with other authorities, so that unmet need from neighbouring areas is accommodated where it is practical to do so and is consistent with achieving sustainable development); 2 - justified (an appropriate strategy, taking into account the reasonable alternatives, and based on proportionate evidence); 3 – effective (deliverable over the plan period and based on effective joint working on cross-boundary strategic matters that have been dealt with rather than deferred, as evidenced by the statement of common ground); and 4 – consistent with national policy (enabling the delivery of sustainable development in accordance with the policies in the Framework). 

The Inspector will take into account the representations submitted upon the Draft Plan as far as they relate to soundness and legal compliance considerations. A number of informal debates may take place on the principal matters identified by the Inspector these are termed Hearing Sessions.

At the end of the Examination, the Inspector will prepare a report to the Council with precise recommendations, these recommendations may include modifications to the Plan, if such a request is made by the Council.

Guidance Notes will be prepared by the Inspector to help people understand the process and will be available here in due course. Any queries people may have regarding the Examination process should be directed to the Programme Officer who will be happy to assist.


The Programme Officer

The Programme Officer, Ian Kemp, will act as the contact for any person who has an interest in the Examination and as a liaison between the Inspector, Council and Representors.

He is an independent Officer of the Examination and works on behalf of the Inspectors to organise and manage the administrative and procedural elements of the Examination process. All statements will also be submitted through him.

Any matters that anyone wishes to raise with the Inspector should be submitted via the Programme Officer.

Contact details:

Ian Kemp
PO Box 241

Mobile: 0772 300 9166

Email: idkemp@icloud.com

Mr Kemp will be contacting all Representors with details of the Examination process in due course.


Hearing sessions and timetable

A Programme for the Hearing Sessions together with further information will appear here once finalised.


Evidence base documents

In preparing the Plan the Council both refer to and were informed by a number of documents that together form the 'Evidence Base' for the Examination. These documents can be found below:

Core documents

CD001 - Pre-Submission Gloucester City Plan (September 2019) 

CD002 - Policies Map

CD003 - Regulation 22 Statement 

  • CD003a Regulation 20 Gloucester City Plan Consultation Statement 
  • CD003b Regulation 19 Pre-Submission Gloucester City Plan Consultation Statement 
  • CD003c Regulation 18 Draft Gloucester City Plan Consultation Statement

CD004 - Pre-Submission consultation responses database

CD005 - Pre-Submission Sustainability Appraisal 

CD006 - Pre-Submission Habitats Regulations Assessment 

CD007 - Duty to Cooperate Statement 

CD008 - Statement of Community Involvement (July 2015) 

CD009 - Local Development Scheme (July 2020) 

CD010 - Schedule of Changes

  • CD010a Schedule of changes Pre- Submission Gloucester City Plan addendum (July 2020)
  • CD010b Appendix 1 - Tracked Change Pre-Submission Gloucester City Plan (July 2020) 


Submitted evidence base and supporting documents


HOU001 - Housing Background Paper, September 2019 (PDF, 903.1 KB)

HOU002 -JCS Housing Implementation Strategy (Version 5), January 2017 (PDF, 1.3 MB)

HOU003 -JCS Housing Implementation Strategy – Trajectory Information, January 2017​ (XLSX, 336.4 KB)

HOU004 - Gloucestershire Gypsy and Traveller Accommodation Assessment Final Report March 2017 (PDF, 2 MB)

HOU005 - Gypsy, Traveller and Travelling Showpeople Position Update September 2019 (PDF, 175.7 KB)  

HOU006 - Gloucester Housing and Homelessness Strategy 2015-2020

HOU007 - Gloucestershire Strategic Housing Market Assessment (SHMA) Update, March 2014 (PDF, 2.3 MB)

HOU008 -Gloucestershire Strategic Housing Market Assessment (SHMA) Update, September 2015 (PDF, 1.4 MB)

Employment and Economy

EE001 - Employment Background Paper, September 2019 (PDF, 382.1 KB)

Retail and City Centres, Tourism and Culture 

RE002 -JCS Retail Study 2011 – 2031 (Phase 1), December 2011 (PDF, 575.1 KB)

RE003 - Appendices contents (PDF, 6.1 KB)

RE004 -Appendix A – Health check assessment of JCS survey centres (PDF, 276.9 KB)

RE005 -Appendix B – GOAD town centre reports (PDF, 578.3 KB)

RE006 - Appendix C – Study areas and survey zones (PDF, 1.2 MB)

RE007 -Appendix D – Capacity assessment (PDF, 323.3 KB)

RE008 -Appendix E – NEMS Household Survey (PDF, 265.2 KB)

RE009 - Appendix F – Health check monitoring template​ (PDF, 14.9 KB)

RE010 - Retail Study 2011 – 2031; NPPF Addendum, July 2012 (PDF, 88.3 KB)

RE011 - Retail Study 2011 – 2031; Phase 2, June 2014 (PDF, 220.8 KB)

RE012 - Retail Study 2011 – 2031 – 2015 Update, February 2016 (PDF, 5.6 MB)

RE013 -Local and District Centre Healthcheck (May 2010)​  (PDF, 497.9 KB)  

Health and Wellbeing 

HW001 - Cordon Sanitaire Evidence Study Netheridge Sewage Treatment Works, September 2019 (PDF, 1.6 MB)

HW002 - Health and Wellbeing Topic Paper, September 2019 (PDF, 403.5 KB)

HW003 - Understanding Gloucestershire – A Joint Strategic Needs Assessment (JSNA), April 2016

HW004 -Understanding Districts – Joint Strategic Needs Assessment for Gloucester, 2015 (PDF, 5.3 MB)

HW005 -Gloucester District Health Profile 2016, September 2016 (PDF, 248.8 KB)

HW006 - Gloucester District Health Profile, March 2020

HW007 - Gloucestershire Suicide Prevention Strategy 2015 –2020

HW008 - Active by Design – Sport England, October 2015

HW009 - Changing Places: The practical guide (PDF, 4.1 MB)

HW010 - Gloucester Playing Pitch Strategy 2015 – 2025 (PDF, 1.3 MB)

HW011 - Gloucester Playing Pitch Strategy 2015 – 2025 – Assessment Report​ (PDF, 1.2 MB)

HW012 -Gloucester Playing Pitch Strategy Interim Review 2017​ (PDF, 284.7 KB)

HW013 -Gloucester Built Sports Facilities Strategy, August 2019 (PDF, 673.3 KB)

HW014 -Gloucester Built Sports Facilities Assessment Report, August 2019 (PDF, 4.1 MB)

HW015 -Gloucester Artificial Grass Pitch Strategy 2015 (PDF, 707.2 KB)

HW016 -Gloucester Open Space Strategy 2014​ (PDF, 4.2 MB)

HW017 - Gloucester Open Space Background Note, September 2019 (PDF, 328.6 KB)


Historic Environment 

HIS001 - Gloucester Heritage Strategy  2019-29 - Final (PDF, 32.6 MB)

HIS002 - Gloucester Heritage Strategy Background Document -Evidence, Analysis, Engagement   (PDF, 3.1 MB)

HIS003 - Conservation Area Appraisals

HIS004 -Buildings at Risk Register 

HIS005 - Listed Buildings Schedule 

HIS006 - Article 4 Direction – St Michaels Square and Southgate Street


Natural Environment 

NAT001 -JCS Landscape Characterisation Assessment and Sensitivity Analysis, September 2013 (PDF, 9.2 MB)

NAT002 - Gloucester Landscape Analysis of Potential Development Sites, 2013 (PDF, 6.7 MB)

NAT003 - Strategic Flood Risk Assessment Level 2 Data Review; Gloucester City Plan sites, January 2017​ (PDF, 8.9 MB)

NAT004 - Strategic Flood Risk Assessment Level 2 Final Report; Gloucester City Council, September 2019 (PDF, 3.2 MB)

NAT005 - Strategic Flood Risk Assessment Level 2, Appendix 1, Site Summary Tables, September 2019 (PDF, 1.1 MB)

NAT006 - Strategic Flood Risk Assessment Level 2, Appendix 2, Geo data, September 2019 (PDF, 4.2 MB)

NAT007 - Site Allocations Flooding Sequential Test, September 2019 (PDF, 699.5 KB)

NAT008 - JCS Green Infrastructure Strategy, June 2014 (PDF, 5 MB)

NAT009 - JCS Green Infrastructure Strategy, High Quality Map from report, June 2014  (PDF, 12.7 MB)

NAT010 - JCS Strategic Air Quality Assessment, June 2014 (PDF, 4.8 MB)

NAT011 -Gloucester Air Quality Action Plan

NAT012 - Phase 1 Habitat Surveys (PDF, 19.5 MB)

NAT013 - Building with Nature


DES001 - Townscape Character Assessment; Gloucester (July 2019), Part 1 

DES002 - Townscape Character Asssessment; Gloucester (July 2019), Part 2

Sustainable Transport

SUS001 - Gloucestershire Local Transport Strategy 2015 – 2031

SUS002 - Emerging JCS Transport Strategy, October 2016 (PDF, 418.3 KB)

SUS003 - Gloucester City Plan Transport Assessment Report, October 2019 (PDF, 26.2 MB)

SUS004 - Gloucester City Plan Transport Assessment Technical Note in Response to Highways Authority (March 2020)

SUS005 - Gloucester Parking Strategy, July 2018



VIA001 - Gloucester City Plan Viability Report, September 2019 (PDF, 3 MB)

Other Strategies and Plans

OTH001 - City Vision 2012 - 2022

OTH002 - Council Plan 2017 - 2020

OTH003 - Regeneration and Economic Development Strategy 2016-2021

OTH004 - Cultural Vision and Strategy 2016-2026 (PDF, 960.6 KB)

OTH005 - Growing Gloucester's Visitor Economy (PDF, 1.1 MB)

OTH006 - Economic Growth Strategy 2019 - 2022


Other development plan documents

Joint Core Strategy

Minerals and Waste

DP004 - Gloucestershire Minerals Plan (March 2020)

DP005 - Gloucestershire Waste Core Strategy (November 2012)

Supplementary Planning Documents

DP006 - Matson Estate Regeneration Supplementary Planning Document, November 2019 (PDF, 4.5 MB)

DP007 - Podsmead Estate Regeneration Supplementary Planning Document, November 2019 (PDF, 22.7 MB)

DP008 - Interim adoption ‘Public Realm Strategy’ SPD (September 2017) (PDF, 3.9 MB)

DP009 - Interim adoption ‘Designing safer places’ SPD (August 2008) (PDF, 1.4 MB)

DP010 - Interim adoption ‘Heights of Buildings’ SPD (November 2008) (PDF, 3.2 MB)

DP011 - Interim adoption ‘Home Extension Guide’ SPD (August 2008) (PDF, 879 KB)

DP012 - Shopfront Shutters and Signage Design Guide (November 2017) (PDF, 5.4 MB)

DP013 - King's Quarter concept statement - Interim adoption (January 2013) (PDF, 2.8 MB)

DP014 - Fleece Hotel concept statement - Interim adoption (February 2012) (PDF, 10.8 MB)

DP015 - Interim Adoption ‘Railway Corridor’ Planning Brief (March 2011) (PDF, 3.7 MB)


Monitoring documents

MN001 - Brownfield land register:

MN002 - Gloucester housing monitoring report (June 2019)

MN003 - Gloucester employment land monitoring report 2018/2019

MN004 - Gloucester Five Year Housing Land Supply Position Statement (June 2019)


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